General Cleaning and Time Management

R500 per person

In this class we cover the basics of general cleaning around the house. The do’s and do nots of what is acceptable and what should not be done in the employers home when it comes to cleaning. We also equip the ladies with an understanding of time management. We enable them to better manage their time to ensure all household duties are done properly, which in turn maintains a high standard of cleanliness around the home. We teach the ladies basic time management skills that will also enable them to be present and ensure that should they also be looking after children that their household chores are not neglected, and they are able to cope with being a housekeeper and nanny.

When discussing general cleaning we also cover the extra importance should there be babies or children in the home.

Another topic we cover in this course is communication between the employee and the employer. Communication is key to a happy and healthy long term working relationship between both the employer and employee and go into detail with the ladies how to ensure communication lines are always open.