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First Aid Essentials

R600 per person (6 or more staff members)

R750 per person (3-5 staff members)

R850 per person (1-2 staff members)

First Aid Essentials is a registered course through the Resuscitation Council of South Africa.

The Course targets all lay responders such as parents, teachers, caregivers, guardians, domestic workers, or family members of a child at high risk for sudden death, and other laypersons wanting to learn first aid essentials for children.

The Course provides hands-on practice in the skills of first aid for children in the home, or school, including prevention, medical emergencies, trauma injuries, environmental emergencies, CPR, choking and the use of Automated External Defibrillators. A student Workbook is provided to each participant for the Course.

After completing the course, each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

We recommend this course for teachers who have completed a level one or CPR and First Aid course in the past 2 years and require a refresher as well as teaching assistants.

This course is a 5-7 hour course depending on how many staff attend.