Safety, Security and General Fire Safety

R550 per person

This is a must have course that enables and equips anyone attending from your nanny/housekeeper to moms and dads. It equips you with the understanding and knowledge of what to do in a situation where you or your loved ones are in danger. It equips our domestic workers both housekeepers and landscaping staff with what to do when someone intrudes on your property. Attendees will learn what to do at a possible hijacking situation, at an attempted break in your home. You will be taught how to protect yourself getting to and from work as well as how to be aware of possible danger before you are actually in that situation. If you leave your little one with a housekeeper during the day this is a must have course to ensure both of their safety at all times. We will also cover Fire Safety awareness, so should there be a fire you or your nanny will be equipped with all the right knowledge to know how to handle the situation.

Water Safety

R600 per person

With CPR and First aid R900 per person

In our Water safety class we will equip the nannies with what to do if your children are around large bodies of water when in the care of your nanny, i.e. swimming pools, dams, jacuzzis. We will equip the nanny with the necessary procedure on what to do should your child fall into the pool while in her care. We will also equip and teach your nanny the basics of swimming so she herself does not drown, but most importantly rescue without getting in to ensure she does not panic when entering the water. We go over rescue equipment and safety equipments.

We cover indoor water safety as well, so buckets, baths, etc.

This course is a must for any nanny looking after young children who have access to a swimming pool. Even if your children can swim and your nanny takes them swimming ensure she is water safe should an accident occur.