Infant Care

R550 per person

This module is taught by a qualified midwife.

We  cover the basics of infant care 0-1 years like burping, bottle feeding, sleeping issues, nappy changing. How to calm a fussy baby, what to do if their temperature is to high. etc. It is a very practical hands on class where the nannies work with dolls to ensure they know what they are doing. Our Midwives cover everything they need to know when it comes to caring for an infant up to 1 year of age.

Personal Hygiene in the work place and working with children

R350 per person

In this module, we deal with the importance of personal nutrition, hygiene, HIV and TB, this course is taught by a qualified nurse and Aids counsellor.

We cover the importance of personal nutrition and staying healthy. How to ensure you are healthy and clean not only at work but in your own home too.We discuss HIV and TB and the impact it can have on children in the private home and their own communities. How to handle the children in their care correctly if faced with the illness of HIV and TB.

We cover personal hygiene in the work place, what is acceptable and what is not. Our nurse deals with the delicate issues that as employers we sometimes find awkward topics to discuss.